About Us

Taylor Siemens is an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner. During her training as a NP in facial plastics, she began specializing in laser medicine and aesthetic injectables. As most other clinicians, she desired to be the best at her craft and gain the knowledge necessary to deliver the safest care with optimized outcomes. Early into her career, she faced frustrations with the lack of community and limited access to quality and concise training. Taylor spent HOURS outside of work watching videos online, asking peers questions and studying operating manuals. She couldn't help but to start putting together a better way of learning as she noted others had similar challenges and didn't have the time to develop their skills and knowledge. As she advanced in her practice, her goals began to evolve from a desire of patient outcomes, to helping other clinicians get treatment room confident without having to spend hours researching online, reading operating manuals or feeling overwhelmed

In 2019, My Aesthetic Training was founded. We help aesthetic providers improve their skills and increase their knowledge within the field of medical aesthetics. We are bringing on- demand training options straight to the clinician's device so that you can own your aesthetic training and get treatment room confident.

We have one mission: Help you take control of your aesthetic training and be treatment room confident.