Taylor’s Top 3 Takeaways from AMSPA 2022

Taylor’s Top 3 Takeaways from AMSPA 2022

We Have Returned From AMPSA Medical Spa Show 2022



The Aesthetic Care NP team has returned from Las Vegas filled with fresh ideas and knowledge to share with all! Our founder, Taylor Siemens, took the platform Sunday morning to present on The Business and Techniques of IV Therapy. We attended many great courses and panels of some of the best aesthetic clinicians in the country and took great notes to be able to nail down all of the information that needs to be passed along to YOU!


Takeaway 1: Don’t Dabble

With many training options, like My Aesthetic Training, there really isn’t an excuse to not be an expert in this industry. What a privilege we have to access many forms of training and information sources. Even just 5 years ago, aesthetic clinicians were self-taught and learning on our own patients…mistakes and all. We don’t have to do that anymore!
Build a community. We have the ability to learn from the mistakes of others. Your community needs to be more than just your co-workers. Stop being afraid to reach out and start asking questions. You need a network of people to be curious with and discuss how you practice to keep learning. In fact, that’s why we started Industry Night Out. All in all, in this ever-evolving industry, don’t dabble. If you aren’t committed to honing your craft, this is no longer the industry for you.


Takeaway 2: Sell the Outcome Not the Price

So many of us are used to talking dollar signs because that is the language our patients speak. Let’s change that. Educate on full correction and let them figure out the timing and finances. When we only speak in dollars, we are limiting their perception of realistic results and putting limits on our own practice. You are the expert. Provide your patient with the knowledge they came to you for and provide them with the confidence that there is value in their treatment plan. As my business coach often reminds me, price is only an issue when value is not defined. We must remember that everything we do as aesthetic clinicians is an opportunity to educate and solve a problem for the person sitting in our chair. Recent studies performed by the financing company, Care Credit, revealed that consumers as a whole are more hopeless than ever before due to COVID-19. Whatever we can do as providers to make them feel in control with choices, the more they will commit to their treatment plan. If you aren’t offering financing options in your practice, it’s time to start. Having options for your patients is the best way to give education its power back so they can focus on the plan and expected outcomes, not the financial commitment.


Takeaway 3: “Convert”, Not “Upsell”

Something I have always struggled with in this industry is the concepts behind upselling. The dialogue around that has always felt so “used-car salesman” to me. Don’t get me wrong, we all need cars…I am not saying there is anything wrong with that career choice, but I am a CLINICIAN. I wasn’t trained to sell, and it feels a bit dirty to me.

A new mindset leads to new results. And Terri Ross helped me change that mindset for good. The fact of the matter is that every time we don’t convert a patient to another service, we are losing money. You see, it is so much easier and less energy to retain the patients we already have than have to hop on Instagram or pass out cards at DryBar to explain to someone new what we do for a living. Not that we don’t want and need new patients, but life is easier when the ones we already have keep coming back for more services. Start putting your energy in combining multiple modalities over multiple sessions to increase results, revenue, and patient satisfaction.

If you are a one-trick pony, it’s time to add some new skills and develop new streams of revenue for yourself. Be someone that your patients can return to for multiple needs, not just one. Your goal should be $600-$1,000 revenue per hour. If you are far from this, think through what you can do to increase this by converting your patients to new services or products that will optimize their results. For example: if your patient is present for collagen induction and you plan on treating with a biostimulating filler, educate them on the benefits of combining with PRF/PRP, skin tightening, and the proper retail products. Again, don’t focus on the price tag, focus on the RESULTS they can expect with this by converting to additional treatments. Your patients will thank you when they notice improved outcomes for just a few hundred dollars more.


We have some great content to shoot this month directly from the lessons we learned at AMSPA this year and look forward to sharing that with you on My Aesthetic Training!

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