Who is My Aesthetic Training?

Who is My Aesthetic Training?

Who is My Aesthetic Training?

Welcome! As we launch our on-demand training app, I felt it important to make sure you know who we are and why we have a passion for training in the medical aesthetics industry. I founded My Aesthetic Training in 2019. Upon entering the medical aesthetics industry in 2016, I was overwhelmed, and quite honestly, frustrated with my training experience…or lack thereof. My initiation to this world was by joining the team of a great facial plastic surgeon in Dallas, TX. While he had vast knowledge and experience in surgery, he was unable to guide me in how to operate our lasers and wasn’t experienced in training others with injectables. Don’t get me wrong, he was fantastic at his craft…but he wasn’t an expert outside of the OR. And he didn’t NEED to be, he had perfected what he was designed to do in this space. My frustrations came forth when I looked outside of my practice for laser and injectable help. I was met with competition and peers who were slow to share their knowledge as they desperately clung to what they had worked tirelessly to learn throughout their careers. My reps and vendors were as helpful as they knew how to be, but they weren’t in the treatment room to speak from a personal, real-life perspective. I was desperate for a mentor. I longed for someone to help sort through all of the false information and bad treatment videos on the internet and walk me through what I actually needed to know to provide safe, efficacious results.

I spent most nights reading operating manuals, asking questions to the exhaustion of others, and seeking new training materials. Like we all do, I learned and became a prudent aesthetic provider as my love for this industry grew, but I continued to wish there was a better way to learn this space. I began to pour into other new providers and share the information I had obtained. I saw a change in all of us as we began to set the competition aside, realized the true medical component of this industry, and built a community to share knowledge, successes and to learn from one another’s failures. I began to realize that I could do something about this training disparity.

My Aesthetic Training is an aesthetics consulting and training company that has evolved (thanks to COVID-19 and travel preventions) into an on-demand training platform. We have helped many clinicians become treatment room confident and provide a safe community for peers to explore our curiosity as aesthetic providers.

As a growing company, we hold tightly to our core values:

  1. Integrity - do what’s right
  2. Servant Leadership - foster the growth of others
  3. Elevate Others - showcase others’ success and ideas
  4. Action - be a go getter; taking action is the most important step towards success
  5. Be Curious - challenge today to progress forward; daily incremental growth
  6. Growth Mindset - develop talents and skills with effort and practice
  7. Platinum Rule - treat others how they want to be treated

I am thrilled to be taking this ride with you. We can walk you along a journey that we have been on ourselves.

Let’s get you treatment room confident,

Taylor Siemens

Nurse Practitioner

Founder & Co-Owner of Aesthetic Care NP

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