Yes! The biggest value in on-demand training is the time saved while learning on this platform. We get straight to the clinical pearls with demonstration videos and make learning as easy as possible, so you can step confidently into the treatment room. We will save you hours searching online or reading operation manuals. Taylor has packed her courses into easy bite-sized content, so you can squeeze in learning on your own time and access anywhere! A monthly membership has a tremendous value at the lowest cost. An Annual Membership offers 12 months for the price of 10. And a lifetime membership for the price of 2 years grants you access for the lifetime of the app to walk with you through your career with industry updates and new content.

A Free Membership gives you access to all Industry Conversations and introductions to each course. Any paid subscription gives you all access to the platform: Industry Conversations, treatment demonstrations, didactic lessons, treatment room cheat sheets, and the community board where you can engage in discussions with others in the industry. The platform can be accessed without Wi-Fi on smartphones, iPads, and desktop computers/laptops.

The skills and techniques taught are immediately applicable to your treatment room. The continuing education and development of your skills are going to help you achieve better results and be ready for more, happier patients. Our favorite thing to hear is that our platform helped bring confidence to clinicians!

We are regularly filming new content and seeking to offer new and essential content that directly helps your skillset and your business as an aesthetic clinician. Email us if you have a content request at info@myaesthetictraining.com. In 2022, we are releasing content around neuromodulator (basic and advanced), dermal filler (basic and advanced), skincare, IV therapy, wellness, ablative lasers, body contouring, and more!

Register HERE for the Membership options. Each membership is for a single user and will not allow access on more than 2 devices at once.

All courses are fully accessible with a Monthly, Annual, and Lifetime Membership. If you want to use Sciton Success Builder Points for the Sciton Course only, please email info@myaesthetictraining.com and we will help you get that set up after confirming points are available with Sciton.

At this time, Taylor is prioritizing on-demand, virtual training.

No, our courses and content are designed with you, the individual clinician, in mind. Sign up for any level that works best for you. Many clinicians have asked their work to reimburse their membership with success based on clinical growth and performance. If your company is interested in a corporate membership, please have them email info@myaesthetictraining.com.

Your membership will automatically renew after 12 months of membership. Don’t worry we will email you 30 days before to ensure you are still finding value and want to continue with your subscription.

All monthly and annual memberships are under a 12-month agreement. If you decide you would like to discontinue your subscription after your term agreement, simply let us know by emailing info@myaesthetictraining.com. We will also make contact 1 month before your subscription renews to ensure you want to continue with your subscription.

Email us if you have any additional questions at info@myaesthetictraining.com.